Keep Skis out of the Landfills

Skis were once made of only wood but over time designers discovered that various combinations of materials sandwiched together using a glue of some kind, was the secret to making better skis.  Skis that were more adaptable to different conditions, easier to maneuver, faster, stronger and well, better to ski on. Great, you may be thinking!!! Well perhaps not so great in the long run.

The chemical bonding process, using epoxy resin has made skis virtually impossible to take apart or recycle. If you plop them in the dump, your old skis are going nowhere fast!  If you have an old pair of skis let us know.   If we're in your area (VT & CT) we will grab them.  If you have multiple pairs, we can turn your skis into a great looking Adirondack Chair, or anything else we offer on the site.

Got Skis - Let us know....

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